Dentists in West Bridgford

Dr Maria Aniolek 87 Melton Rd. NG2 6EN 0871 432 9002
Bridgford Dental Practice 74 Bridgford Rd. NG2 6AX 981 6986
Campbell & Peace 173 Loughborough Rd. NG2 7JS 982 3913
Coakley M.J. Harvey P. Paterson K. Allen T & Nicoll I. BDS 29, Musters Rd. NG2 7PQ 981 6010
Compton Acres Dental Practice Compton Acres Shopping Centre, NG2 7RS 945 5664
David P Arron 67, Melton Rd. NG2 6EN 981 4400
East Midlands Central Referral Centre Compton Acres Dental Practice, Compton Acres Shopping Centre, NG2 7RS 982 5758
K.A Hooper & Harker D.R 22a, Gordon Rd. NG2 5LN 981 6823
Lady Bay Dental Care 6a Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FW 982 1000
Loughborough Rd Dental Practice 30, Loughborough Rd. NG2 7JJ 981 9396
Hilton Dental Clinic 1, Hilton Crescent, NG2 6HT 923 2907
Oasis Dental 29 Musters Rd. NG2 7PQ 981 6010
Trevor G. Sanderson 67, Melton Rd. NG2 6EN 981 3382
TSA Dental Care 5 Davies Rd. NG2 5JE 981 0012
West Bridgford Orthodontic Centre 166 Loughborough Rd. NG2 7JE 981 9465

I spent some time trying to identify the National Health Dentists in West Bridgford only to discover there aren't any. The nearest it gets is Hooper & Harker and Brummell Dental Surgeries both of whom are accepting children and the Melton Rd. Dental Practice which accepts children and exempt adults. So it looks like whether for reasons of principal or purse, if you want National Health, you need to go outside of Bridgford. Check with the Notts Primary Care Trust for updates.

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Last update Nov 01 2010

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