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The advantage of using local tradesmen should be that:

  • Local reference sites are available for inspection
  • You can visit the trading address and check the bone fides
  • Your opinion matters to the business
  • Problems can be resolved quickly with repeat visits and face to face contact

Advertising in the local press or using tags like 'Lady Bay' or 'West Bridgford' in the trade name, is no guarantee that a business is local.

  • Ask for references and check them.
  • Visit the trading address (I have seen published addresses that do not exist).
  • Meet the proprietor.
  • Insist that part of the invoice is settled by a cheque made out to the company or to the proprietor.

Only businesses with a published West Bridgford address are listed at but that is still no guarantee, check them out. If you experience any problems with businesses listed on let the webmaster know so that action can be considered to either remove the entry or append a caveat.

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